About me

I am French with german-spanish origins and live since 2007 in Germany with my Irish family. This cultural diversity is part of my daily life. The characteristics of the 3 countries in which I lived for a long period of time (France, Ireland and Germany) influence my philosophy, my lifestyle and the way I see things.


After completion of my studies in foreign trade and languages I gained work experience in business at an international level. My work in various sectors of activity, amonghts which the designer furniture area for a world famous French manufacturer, had something in common: obtaining the best of each product and presenting it is such a way that it raises interest and convinces.


Parallel to my work life, I persued my passion for painting and photography. My aim is to show and reinterprete places, buidlings, things or situations of our everyday lives in such a way that the viewer rediscovers them and is surprised.


I like pretty things, beautiful places and nice atmospheres. I enjoy arranging, designing and reinventing, creating a convivial atmosphere that will lead to a feeling of well-being.


Today I combine my skills and competences, my awareness for esthethics and my creativity in the property sector.


My training as a Home Staging Professional with the Professional Association of German Home Stagers (DGHR e.V.) completes my profile.





Sylvie Curtin

Member of the Professional Association of German Home Stagers.


I would be delighted to discover your home


and to help you.